Thursday, 10 May 2007

Friend or foe?

I'm not much of a nature lover. I've never been one to seek out insects or fish around in ponds. I'm more concerned with the next meal, or that film I'm missing.

But now, I'm thrust into this buzzing, slithering, crawling world, which teems with life. My plot is a metropolis, where any number of creatures go about their lives. What's more, they all have an agenda. Some are out to loot all they can. Others are content to wander hear and there, improving the neighbourhood by their very presence.

Now, like many a politician, I'm learning to manipulate the populace. I'm punishing trespassers, cajoling the idle, treasuring the productive. If I succeed, it'll be on the back of the people.

Tool of the week: carpet

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Treasure trove

I've never been so excited by so little. I run amok through the overgrown grass and piles of junk. Every tuft hides a treasure. In the compost I find new tools. Behind the bath, new wood.

Maybe tomorrow I'll uncover a lid for the compost, or a tap for the water butt. I'm opening presents, as I explore this strange new land.

Term of the week: mulching