Monday, 2 July 2007

The reluctant potter

Our soil is clay. Not clay-like, not clay-esque, not similar to clay - our soil is clay. If I had a kiln I could make vases from it. Digging it is a frustrating two-stage process:

  1. Put spade into soil and lift (10 seconds work)
  2. Attempt to remove clay stuck to spade (30 seconds work)

It's a bit like using syrup in baking: getting the syrup onto the spoon is the easy bit. Getting the syrup off the spoon, jar and worktop is another thing entirely.

At the moment we're in the gloopy 'potter's wheel' state. Apparently, after a week of sun our soil will tranform into the 'rock solid' state. Brilliant.

Our cheerful neighbour reguarly points out how lucky we are to have such fertile soil. Which is a bit like complementing the Titanic on its use of space.