Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The out-of-towners

Picture a cauliflower, if you will. Can you see the white florets, encased in a muted green wrapper? Can you visualise them cooked, nestling alongside the peas on your plate? A familiar sight, isn't it?

Now let me introduce you to cauliflower's fast-living cousin from out-of-town. You'll notice that he's purple. Try not to stare, it's rude.

Don't see many of those in the supermarket, do you? How about his friend courgette? No, not the sombre green one: the vivid yellow variety. And have you met their stay-at-home cousin, golden raspberry? You don't see her around much, but she's the looker of the family.

I pity the stereotypical varieties that populate the supermarkets. Who wants to grow run-of-the-mill white cauliflowers, when their purple relatives are within reach? Not me.

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