Sunday, 18 November 2007

Coming of age

A year in the making, our compost has at last born fruit.

  • Is it dark? Tick
  • Is it crumbly? Tick
  • Is it moist? Tick
  • Does it smell slightly sweet? Not really

I've deployed the spoils as mulch on an empty bed, where it'll keep the weeds down and improve my soil at the same time.

It used to be rubbish, producing greenhouse gases in landfill somewhere. Now it's conditioning my soil, free of charge. I love this allotment alchemy.

The road to compost glory hasn't been smooth. I made the classic 'greens overload' mistake, which set me back half a year. Then I neglected to read the fine print: 'fruit scraps' and 'crushed eggshells'. Months later I discovered whole onions lurking in my compost and eggshells unchanged by their incarceration.

Lessons have been learnt, as the Government likes to say, and I've moved up the ladder to 'Junior Composter'. Watch your back Titchmarsh, I'm on the fast track.

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