Sunday, 30 December 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

the allotment underground have flu. We're shutting down non-essential functions to preserve power to life support. Rest assured we will return in the new year, with a troublesome Lemsip addiction.

In the meantime, why not console yourself with the writing of somemore more talented than us:

  • Hymn
  • Soilman
  • stuff what I have written

The links are on the left - I mean right. I can't be bothered to add them here

Happy New Year to our readers. That's right, both of you.



  1. Get well soon! I've been told that sloe gin is good for colds and flu! Good job I made some then!

  2. Thanks you well-wishers. I'm now back to 90% health (which is my natural state, pessimist that I am). Normal service will resume.


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