Thursday, 28 February 2008

A suspicious start

They arrived before Christmas in an anonymous brown jiffy bag. When I peered in, I was startled to discover a jumble of roots and twigs. These were raspberry canes? I had to check wife’s parents weren’t playing a practical joke.

Here they are, planted up in last year’s potato bed. Five twigs standing to attention.

Raspberry canes

Every now and then they catch my eye, and I think, “you’re having a laugh, this must be a joke”. They're like a test of faith. Which is bad, because I've failed many a test of faith.


  1. Have you looked into veganic gardening.

    Nothing to do with Vegans - you just don't do any digging.

    It doesn't look as tidy as conventional gardening (and fellow allotment holders can sometimes be funny about that sort of thing) but it works.

    I read a book a while back (Akenfield? Not sure of the spelling) about village life and farming in the 'old' days.

    A ploughman described how they would put a lot of effort into ploughing straight furrows. A man's reputation depended upon his ability to do this.

    Yet straight furrows made no difference to the productivity of the crop.

    I think double digging can sometimes be like that.

    It is very satisfying - but not always necessary.

    Esther Montgomery


    P.S. I 'found' you through Blotanical.

  2. Hi Esther, thanks for the tip off. I'll take a look into veganic gardening. I'd dicounted no-digging, because I need to improve the drainage of the soil, but maybe vegainic gets around that.


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