Wednesday, 2 April 2008

On the grid

The sky is blue, the temperature a balmly 18 degrees, as you join us on the kitchen window sill. We're here to watch the first race of what promises to be a captivating second season.

Ten contenders are on the grid, each hoping for a strong start. The hum of idling engines fills the air. The tension is palpable. At this level, under this pressure, there are certain to be mistakes.

Who will reach the first corner in the lead? Who will be forced into retirement before the lap is out? We'll be here watching the contest with you, bringing you the news as it happens. Don't go away.



  1. Good luck with your seeds! I just started gardening this year and it is so exciting to see the first green sprout coming up and so disappointing when nothing happens.

  2. Thanks n.&j. It's a bit of a cliffhanger isn't it? 10 days, and still no sign of my squashes.


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